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Dongguan keep crackdown on high pressure situation From the source to eliminate hidden dangers

Date: 2014-11-24

Five "go all out to promote the work carries out, the special action to ensure that the" 6 + 1 "achieved significant results." Recently, the municipal party committee member, politics and law committee secretary Deng Zhiguang research shijie town "6 + 1" special stress at work, we must always keep crackdown on high pressure situation and to promote prevention, in case to promote, purify the security environment. Research, shijie Zhen Town ChangYou yao wave on the town to carry out the six major initiative, "two rob a thief", reduce the murder and rental management work. Among them, adultury and bet, the car and special action from gun crime has basically completed the task; Drug-related crime ZhaChuLv has completed 95%, JiangJie rate has completed 63%; For a drug crime has completed arrested six people, the completion rate is 75%; "Two rob a thief", solve the task number is 557, 475 has been completed and the completion rate of 85.3%.
Deng Zhiguang points out, shijie town, to promote "6 + 1" initiative to develop effective, in this winter next spring, to maintain a crackdown on high pressure situation, to promote prevention, in case to promote, mainly contain drug-related, gun, involving the production and sale of counterfeit goods and for bank card fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, strengthen "two rob a thief" illegal crime crackdown, go all out, the full implementation of for the work of the five. One is to promote "6 + 1" special operation; The second is to conduct a pornographic work; Third, vigorously promotes the reduce the murder; 4 it is to go all out to resolve social contradictions; Five from source management, eliminate hidden dangers.
Deng Zhiguang stressed that wade yellow gamble, involved in the car, drug-related, involving food medicine, gun, on bank card fraud involving the production and sale of counterfeit goods, and the "two rob a thief" is the focus of the initiative, to always maintain high pressure crackdown, adhere to take the initiative to attack.