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The oyster is the most beautiful season Senior food enthusiasts take you taste the most delicious oysters

Date: 2014-11-25

Autumn at this time of every year is the oyster is the most beautiful time. Five-star hotels and restaurants, night market stalls, both for oysters. Scientific name is oysters, oyster, known as oyster in coastal fujian and Taiwan region, while in guangdong and hainan in the south China sea waters is called the oyster. This time of every November is the season of oyster harvest. Folk wisdom "winter solstice to the qingming festival, oyster meat fat jingjing" common saying, saying, from the winter solstice to the next year of clear oyster meat is the most beautiful, because the water is cool, the taste of the oyster, the more sweet. Oyster meat fat smooth soft, taste and high nutrition, have the laudatory title of "milk" at the bottom.
In dongguan, where I can enjoy the most delicious oyster? Oyster varieties so various, what are the most special oyster flavor? For senior version, oyster tie-in white wine is "a match made in heaven," the oyster collocation of different breeds region will what kind of wine is a perfect fit? Reporter interviewed a number of senior food enthusiasts, for readers to reveal them one by one.
Smooth taste, high nutritional value
Oyster why so popular? Not only lies in its tender taste is very attractive, its nutritional value is also very rich. Oyster is high-protein low-fat, contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids and vitamins, let these nutrients oyster with beauty, calming nerves, nerves, strengthen the brain. Oyster's growth is very special, oysters, between brackish-water taste and refreshing without slag in particular, mast is delicious.
Deducted shore food hai is responsible for more than twenty dongguan five-star hotel supplies of raw oysters, he will come from France and other different regions of the world's raw oysters in humen freezer frozen, to ensure that raw oysters into hibernation mode, will not die. Oyster meat perishable, he said, do not recommend keep them too long, had better eat as soon as possible, if buy the home to save can be frozen is best not to freeze.
Eat sashimi is best eaten raw
Farmed oysters in the sea in the taste of sea water determines the oyster fresh sweetness. For senior foodies, oyster best way is still being eaten raw. What the sashimi raw oysters can rest assured do?
"Yue said private banquet ringo, the high quality raw oysters must come from the deepest waters, such as New Zealand and Australian sea oyster is especially suitable for sashimi. New Zealand oyster with an obvious hami melon flavor, crisp, tender, water is heavy. Raw oysters and relatively, Australia is most suitable for entry-level oyster lovers, because it is the most delicate taste, and do not break Marine breath freshness, the smell of a mineral. And the most respected do smoked in the sashimi is French oysters. Such as production in France veron brackish-water border at the mouth of the copper oysters, its shape is round, shell with like rings round, every two circle represents a year, its freshness comes from rich in minerals. And France's Rolls-Royce gilardino has more oysters, the oyster meat is plump, seashell is not too much water, but after the entrance there will be obvious salty sea water, and then slowly into fruit sweet, very rich taste.
Almost all of the world's most delicious oyster produced in France. Such as the French oyster oyster varieties mermaid, one of the seven major production areas, taste change especially outstanding. Rich taste level, not only has the sweet fragrance of flowers and milk, and sweet fragrance, like beauty with dancing. Same gold oyster oyster with chery, produced in France have nuts and fruit flavor, geely oyster light sweet taste more, level change is less, but more soft and tasty.