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It is forbidden to smoke in the history rules No smoking indoor public places

Date: 2014-11-26

Public speaking, worry about performing difficult
Journalists to visit the city in a public place, mass consumption restaurant, KTV rooms, etc are all smoking "areas"
24, announced the state council legislative affairs office of the "regulations on control of smoking in public places (SongShenGao)" (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), and for public opinion.
Chapter in guangdong han lawyers jian-hong ye's opinion, the version has a lot of breakthrough, the regulations stipulated banned smoking in all indoor public places shall be, and made a clear definition of public places, refers to the public will be able to access or use of space, use during the period of work places and public transportation.
As a result, such as park, square, shopping malls, entertainment venues, office buildings, leadership office, exhibition, train, bus, buses, taxis, ships are no smoking, tobacco control range involved is quite wide.
Heard to ban smoking in public places, citizens Huang Ping a face. In her view, this is not a news. Would have to say to want to ban, but as a matter of fact, it can perform is "rules", execute it, can only be a dead letter.
Reporters also visited the city in the past two days, found that some public execution of tobacco control is still a long way to go, mass consumption restaurant, KTV rooms, etc are all smoking "areas".
According to the survey, the tobacco control have been supportive, but for the supervision of people smoking, mostly said "wait and see". In a survey said: if you see someone smoking in public places, what would you do? Interview that half the people choose "when didn't see that far away with his family."
Interpretation of the
Leadership office also smoking
Clear the regulations, smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places are.
"According to the regulations, the leadership office also belong to the scope of the smoking ban." Jian-hong ye explanation. No smoking indoor public places, is one of the most main ban. But, where is a public place? For people, this is a fuzzy concept.
Jian-hong ye know how to read this: rules for public places explained, refers to the three places. The first category: the public will be able to access or use the site, this is very wide, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, square, park, etc., are all public access to and use of the site. Use during the period of the second category, refers to the work place, this is the administrative center, office buildings and all kinds of office, fairs, etc are included within the scope of tobacco control. Even, leadership is also a non-smoking office because the office work is used during the leadership of the office. Third category refers to public transport, this is easy to understand, refers to the bus, high-speed rail, trains, buses, taxis, ships, aircraft, etc.
What is indoor concept? According to the regulations, indoor mean more than there are two sides to the top cover and side walls of any space. Jian-hong ye explanation, the idea that, take the stairs, corridor, underground walkways, stairs, even some makeshift offices, also belong to the interior, no smoking.
In May 2011, dongguan a ban on smoking in indoor public places, in the year to May 31, the smoking ban in public places has been implemented for three years, has yet to issue a ticket.
"Relevant laws and regulations is not clear how the punishment after violations, we have no punishment on the basis of in regulation, this brought difficulty to law enforcement." City health supervision officials admitted that the ban, the supervision of the dongguan mainly publicity and persuasion.
Smoking ban in violation of regulations, how to punish and there is no clear, dongguan no legislative power, punishment without the basis, it also brings difficulty to law enforcement. "It can be said that smoking regulation of dongguan and no compulsory measures." The officials said.
Bus station kiosk, waiting room is smoking
Indoor smoking in public places, not only six places outdoor areas will be smoking.
Including to minors, outdoor areas, the main activities of crowd public colleges and universities teaching area, outdoor, maternal and child health care institutions, children's hospital maternity hospital, outdoor areas, sports, outdoor spectator sports complex, the field area, public transportation to the outdoor waiting area, etc.
Jian-hong ye read, dongguan middle school, for example, belong to minors main activities people in public places. Classroom, buildings smoking bans, there is no doubt about it. Outdoor area but also smoking, this refers to the outdoor, part within the school wall, such as campus area, the runway, etc., is a non-smoking area.