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Where to play this weekend? Take children to participate in the 122 theme activities

Date: 2014-11-27

Dongguan sun on November 30th, dongguan city public security bureau traffic police detachment will be held in south yuan mei park "12.2 national traffic safety day theme campaign", focus on propaganda against seven classes of traffic law, advocating safe travel.
According to introducing, the activity field, have a dance, sketch, singing show, there are a lot of experience project as you play, the friend can take your kids to be present, give the child a different experience on the weekend. Show colorful And consultation
According to introducing, the activity field is located in the beautiful park south yuan (perfect stage), the day of the event, there are singing and dancing, and singing performance.
The opening dance will be kicked off in the 123 traffic lights, and the traffic police uncle director from comedy shows, there are traffic police uncle display operation command, and guards the motorcycle skills show cool.
In addition to performing all kinds of musical activities, at the event, the traffic police department will conduct on-site consulting services, the DMV, motorized brigade, command center, law enforcement and supervision, traffic department, auditing department, investigation brigade, science and technology division, are scheduled to be present, head of the accepts the populace to consult.
In addition, in the event, and the scene panel displays, traffic management related knowledge among the people. South traffic police brigade will also be carefully selected recent 2 cases of typical cases involved vehicles at the scene, to explain in detail how the accident happened, what is the harm and so on. Interactive programming a lot As you come to
The day of the event, there are many interactive classes, some programs are suitable for children to play, our parents friends can take the child to attend to attend, let children have a different weekend.
Intersection experience activities such as simulation, prepared by the command center simulation crossroads rendering, such as mobile traffic simulation crossroads required equipment, and sent two policemen on the scene, let the general public to participate in the experience.
And alcohol testing experience, if you want to know how to drink wine is driving after drinking, drink how much wine is drunk driving, can present in person to experience.
The scene and interactive games, the traffic police will be ready to 100 about the problem of traffic safety, interaction with citizens, to participate in interactive citizens can get small gifts.
The city Red Cross traffic police department will also be invited to participate in the scene interaction, interpretation of the way first aid, and invited citizens to interactive experience. (the correspondent Dai Xiaoxing)