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Start together on Sunday Feel beautiful water

Date: 2014-11-27

Dongguan sunny weather is cool and sunny, is a good time to travel, weekend we set out to experience the beautiful water together! On December 7, 2014, dongguan city water department, water ecological office and dongguan dongguan station to create "water ecological civilization city" publicity to let the public to realize water ecology, water ecology, common protection zhuhai water ecological balance development. Water authority in dongguan, dongguan water ecological office and dongguan station to create "water ecological civilization city" propaganda outdoor activities - water to qing guan to beauty, "found that beautiful water, December 7, 2014, the owner will be organized from driving to ma chung, ride a bike to swim the greenway, flowers and floating. Let the audience can enjoy the beauty of rivers feel beautiful water. Interested people can sign up for this activity, free activities will be the host field interacting with you in the day, let everybody in the activity fully experience the charm of the dongguan water ecological. Free registration phone: 22819959 308 308 or 22422330 turns, Ms. Xiao.
Water ecological relationship between dongguan long-term development, about public opinion. To better promote the city's water water, clear water, water, water the United States, hydration, xing, strive to build ecological livable beautiful dongguan, dongguan city water department has been geared to the needs of the city for the "national water ecological civilization dongguan city" mascot, logo, slogan, and TV advertisement creative design and graphic commonweal advertisement creative design, public solicitation for received more than 1500 submissions from around the country, the current activity has entered the stage of expert evaluation.
Outdoor activities - water to qing guan to beauty, "found that beautiful water are accepted for registration.