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Dongguan "substitution" machine to reduce labor productivity

Date: 2014-12-27

A fully automated production line can save more than a dozen workers, factory area a few production lines all meet the design requirements can reduce 50% of employment; The whole production line 1 day of compound seasoning top shipments of 40 tons, equivalent to nearly three times before production line. This is the famous south China enterprise dongguan city subway jia food co., LTD. In may this year moved into the new factory, push forward the "machine substitution", the effects of "smart update", also let people convinced that this is not just a quiet revolution of industrial workers.
On August 4 this year, the dongguan government issued the advance enterprise "machine substitution" action plan (2014-2016) ", encourage enterprises to enhance the level of industrial production automation and intelligent equipment, especially focus on encouraging technical innovation of labor-intensive enterprises with advanced equipment, to promote technology dividend instead of demographic dividend, promote enterprise development quality and level.
"Dongguan city government machine substitution plan and related policy support measures, will be conducive to more enterprises increase investment in equipment and technology, through the introduction, the use of intelligent equipment and advanced automatic production equipment to upgrade technology and reduce the total enterprise employee, optimized production technology and processes, improve production efficiency and product quality, improve enterprise comprehensive automatic and intelligent level." Subway jia, chairman of Zhong Peijiang pointed out, which is famous in the industry of science and technology innovation, in making plans for the development of the enterprise has been on the vision. In dongguan city, the government issued a "substitution" machine before action plan, which is already in the layout, through research and development and the introduction of automatic and intelligent equipment upgrade manufacturing level and product quality.
"In fact, at the time of old factory before we start to upgrade research and development production line equipment." Subway better research and development department director wang said that investing to build new factory area of south China r&d center and supporting both subway better conform to the promotion of industry development needs, is also established strategy; Is not only to enhance the subway of research and development strength, improve the efficiency and quality of the whole production line, but also to lay a solid foundation for long-term development.
In the aspect of "substitution" machine, technology upgrading, subway preferred to the industry take the lead in demonstrations, effect is very significant. By "substitution" machine and technology upgrades, subway better not only strengthen the research and development advantages, also has realized the "think tank" led to upgrade, automation and production capacity has reached the condiment industry absolute leading level. Zhong Peijiang chairman, said the good subway walked in the way of continuous innovation, at the same time very happy more and more investment in the aspect of independent innovation of enterprises, make intelligent manufacturing system, thus promote the condiment industry equipment manufacturing technology and level upgrade, accelerate the industrialization of innovation.