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Dongguan public energy saving new technology is also should be a high standard

Date: 2015-02-27

Building energy efficiency, GongZaiDangDai, cabinet. Public buildings while accounting for both the total area is not large, but its energy consumption per unit area is far in excess of the residential buildings, public building energy efficiency is a very important part of the building energy conservation work. Starting today, we will launch a total of 7 of article "dongguan city public building energy-saving series" (hereinafter referred to as "series"), together with all of you to pay attention to the public building energy efficiency.
According to dongguan city department of housing and urban and rural construction bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "dongguan live built bureau") to provide the data, the dongguan existing building area of 380 million square meters, including public building area of 080 million square meters. These public buildings including government office buildings and large municipal projects, medical institutions, numerous star international hotel, a forest of shopping malls, etc.
A lot of existent public buildings at the time of design without considering the building energy efficiency, resulting in high energy consumption, most of the existing public buildings have the potential of energy saving reconstruction; For the new public buildings, we should pay attention to its execution standard.
New technology and high standards to reduce energy consumption of public
In the "series", the first of what public building energy consumption is the highest, and the energy consumption and where did you go? Only make clear these problems, we can suit the remedy to the case, to modify a public building. According to dongguan live built bureau released the city part of the state organ office buildings and public buildings (209) in 209, power consumption, of which 66 building unit power consumption of more than 100 KWH/m2 building area.
Public buildings energy consumption is highest air conditioning system and lighting system. At the time of building energy efficiency renovation, for the air conditioning system, can improve the construction of heat preservation and heat insulation ability to reduce the loss of the cold also can use new technology and new equipment to replace the old; For lighting system, as the LED lights cost decline in recent years, in the general public buildings, can achieve better energy saving effect.
Public building energy efficiency must also make full use of market mechanisms, the formation of the government to promote, broad participation of social forces to work situation, energy trading and energy contract management is in using market mechanisms to try. In the field of public utilities management, business and consumer, energy saving as an asset, has potential benefits for business and personal user, for energy-using units, individual users, the energy conservation service company, energy saving products manufacturer to import the new development and interests distribution mechanism.
In the reform of the public building energy efficiency of contract energy management, although not a new concept, but with the combination of city energy saving reconstruction aid is a new move, will alleviate the pressure of the contract energy management of funds, and promote this model more widely used in building energy efficiency. But in dongguan, because use contract energy management of public buildings of the long return period of the reform of building energy efficiency, the model currently used in more industrial energy saving transformation, but the personage inside course of study thinks the dongguan government public construction projects can be first to try first.
Large public buildings energy consumption is high, in addition to the energy saving renovation, using renewable energy is another way to reduce public building can pressure. "Twelfth five-year" period, dongguan will vigorously promote the renewable energy and building integrated applications. The renewable energy application of public buildings, can introduce photovoltaic power generation, encourage photovoltaic panels and building integrated design; For the hotel and hospital etc. Demand for cooling and heating are public buildings, ground source/water source heat pump can be used, using constant temperature characteristic of the underground soil and groundwater for refrigeration and heating.
Finally, for the public building energy efficiency, in addition to modify existing buildings, new buildings to implement building energy efficiency standards. Part of existing buildings in the design and construction, didn't strictly implement building energy efficiency standards and results in excessive energy consumption. Nowadays, dongguan new buildings must strictly implement the mandatory energy efficiency standards, "twelfth five-year" period, the complete new green building is not less than 2.2 million square meters; At the end of 2015, 20% of new buildings in cities and towns to fulfill the requirements of green building standards. And fiscal investment projects and large public buildings more to take the lead in implementation of the green building standard, like dongguan yongji holding co., LTD and dongguan vanke tower building is currently dongguan green building standard.
Public building energy efficiency need you I with output
Public building energy saving in addition to the government should formulate corresponding policies and regulations, and provide the corresponding support, also need to the general public. After all, building energy conservation transformation, in addition to the techniques and patterns, people's behavior factors is critical.
"Public buildings such as the office of our work is, a lot of people will pay attention to the lights don't drive too long in the home, don't open air conditioning temperature is too low, because will be more power, but just not the same in the office." An energy service company, the head of the thought, people's behavior habits and the company's management idea is very important, unrestrained use is one of the important factors that lead to high energy consumption of public buildings.